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I have worked hard on it and waited too long before I put my thoughts on paper (well paper.. really on WordPress..) but it has finally happened, I am live! So hi there and welcome! My name is Tieme Pool and I am an amateur photographer hoping to grow. In this first blog I’ll give you a brief summary on what to expect from this website. 

Firstly, I would like to apologize in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes since English is not my native language (Dutch). Feel free to point them out in the comment section!

I started this website because every now and then some ideas pop in to mind and I forget them or am to lazy to write them down and let these ideas slowly bleed to death. By blogging, I kind of force myself to write my ideas down and use them to good purpose. The second goal of this website is to structure my learning path in photography. Writing down what I learn and what I want to learn helps me keeping an overview on my progress. While learning myself, I hope to entertain you and help you grow as well!

This website has a few “static” pages like:

The “living part” of this websites will be blogs in the categories:

  • Pictures (of mine and from others, so feel free to share your photos!)
  • Photography and art
  • Philosophical thoughts on photography
  • Updates of the website
  • Blogs of thirds (so feel free to contact me if you want to write a blog!)
  • Blog on “Roadmap to learning photography”

I hope you will enjoy this website! You can contact me on any matter, whether you want to write a blog or have any questions or suggestions! Also, feel free to leave a reply!

Kind regards,


P.s. If you want to tweet or poke: Twitter and Facebook.

Nikon camera

My back-up camera, the Nikon D3100.


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