The dreamer – My story

A young boy rides his bike to his part-time job making a little money while still in school. You can clearly see he is dreaming. While physically present on his bike, his mind is somewhere else. He is not paying attention to the road, his eyes are constantly focused at the swamp next to the cycle track.

About 50 meters from the road in a tree, a hawk is staring at the same swamp. The boy notices the hawk.. In his mind he is camouflaged, laying in the swamp, waiting for the hawk to fly towards him.. BWAM! A bump in the road causes him almost to fall. He recovers balance and keeps his bike on the track. “Okay not now.. ” the boy mumbles, “but in the future, I will have the camera and take a picture of this hawk”.

A few years later, the young boy finally bought a nice pocket camera, a Canon Powershot A530. Immediately he headed towards a meadow where colorful hot air balloons took off. He set his camera to “M”, aimed his shot and CLICK! With great anticipation he looked at the camera’s display.. Disappointed he wondered: “Why is my picture too bright and too blue???”

That little boy was me Tieme, with no understanding of white balance, aperture, and shutter-speed. I have been dreaming for years about capturing nature with a camera although I am not sure why… Perhaps because I love to dream? In 2010 I graduated and started working for a big consulting firm and finally had the money to buy my first DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera. I still work there and during working hours I follow my brain (and heart obviously) as an BI-consultant (Business Intelligence, check my LinkedIn). However during my time off work, I follow my heart (and brain obviously) as an amateur photographer.


A self-portrait, one of my first attempts.

Luvo (the name of this blog) is a mutated concatenation of the Esperanto words Lumo and Vita: Light and Life. Light is an indispensable element in our lives, and my goal is to capture this light. Hopefully this blog will help me to grow as a person and photographer. I will write about photography, arts, and of-course share photos!

Welcome on this Blog, let us grow together!

Kind regards,


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