Jay’s light bulb (a try-out)

My cousin Jay Bordeaux is one of the most creative people I know, both creating furniture and music. A little while ago he made some coat hangers out of light bulbs and gave a pair to my girlfriend. I took this opportunity to get creative as well. So I took three pictures and tried to merge them in Photoshop, quite difficult to be honest.

Jay's light bulb

A concrete light bulb made by Jay Bordeaux to hang his coat.

Below are three pictures merged, one for the background and two of myself. A few lessons I learned are:

  • All pictures should be made in the same light setting
  • The exposure of the pictures should match
  • Think about depth-of-field and aspect ratio when merging photos
  • Draw what you have in mind before executing
  • Shadows are difficult to recreate
  • If you “Photoshop” a person into a picture, don’t get the borders to edgy

Like I said, it was rather difficult for a first time and I am not quite satisfied, but practice makes perfect doesn’t it?

Jay's light bulb

Yeah, me and myself tried to replace a light bulb and couldn’t figure out why it did not fit…

Kind regards,



  1. I like your study and your insight into what should be done in order to merge the photos. Great shots, both of them! Great creativity on the light bulb.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    • Thank you very much! Somehow I missed this comment, my apologies! Keeping track on “likes” and “comments” are not my strong points yet. Guess it takes some time getting used to WordPress (and I don’t understand the iPhone app at all).

      Have a pleasant week and thank you again!
      Kind regards,

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