The best 15 free apps to support your photography!

In a previous post a while ago I explained why I love my phone’s camera so much. In this little post I want to share some apps that support my photography both when I do some iPhoneography, or when I am out in the field with my DSLR.

Okay, I won’t list exactly fifteen apps, but somehow lists with even numbers gain a lot of attention. The apps are listed below, divided in the categories:

Taking, editing, and sharing pictures

1. Instagram

This is probably the most popular app for taking and sharing snapshots. My profile can be found here.

2. PS Express

This is a free version of Photoshop on your mobile, which is quite nice!

3. SnapSeed

SnapSeed is an extensive app for editing photos, but you can’t share directly to Instagram.

4. Photoblend

Photoblend made me reinvent photography with my mobile, you can create “old time” double exposures, just not on film…

5. Photosynth

Yup, it’s true, a app by Microsoft. Create and share stunning interactive (360 degrees) panoramas!

Your online portfolio

6. 500px

Together with Flickr, 500px is the biggest online portfolio website. My profile can be found here.

7. Flickr

Just like 500px, an online portfolio website. My profile can be found here.

Learning photography

I have two tips for you if you own a Nikon camera:

8. Manual Viewer 2

Download and read your camera’s manual everywhere! If you can’t use this app, I suggest you to store your manual as an PDF file on your phone.

9. Nikon L&E

Some great examples and video tutorials on creating photos! Even great if you don’t own a Nikon camera!

Tools to support you in field-trips

10. SetMyCamera

I LOVE this app! Not only does it calculate the depth-of-field, but also calculates the hyperfocal-distance!

11. Magic Hour

This app tells you when the next magic / golden hour starts!

12. Light meter

If you use a manual camera and don’t own a light meter, these apps might help you out!

13. Panoramio and Geophoto

Wait, what? These are two apps! You are absolutely right! These apps are very similar, they show photos on a map based on Google’s Panoramio. This is very useful, you can search for locations or look at photos near you. Looking for that special place, somebody might have found it already and shared it with you! I always use this to investigate the surroundings of my next photography spot.

14. Your weather app

Checking the weather, the sunset, sunrise, et cetera is crucial for your photography. I use several Dutch apps all the time.

15. POSE
Looking for some poses for your model? This app has a few posing samples for your models. Great for browsing if you are looking for some inspiration on portraits!

These apps helped me out quite a lot. My favorites definitely are the weather app, Magic Hour, Panoramio and SetMyCamera. Some alternative apps I use but didn’t list are:

I hope this was useful to you! I use these apps on my iPhone and honestly I am not sure whether there are Android or Windows versions or not. Please leave a comment if you know other great apps for iPhone, Android, or Windows phones. I will truly appreciate that!

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    • I am very glad to hear that Yvonne 🙂 You’re welcome 🙂 Have a great Monday!

      Let me know if you found another great app 🙂

      Kind regards,

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