My nifty fifty and ancient Holland

My hometown is surrounded by heath and forest, which is lovely if you go for a run or walk. Part of the heath (called “Hoorneboegse Heide”) is marked by little hills of one meter high. These hills are not natural, but 4000 year old graves! It is very fascinating knowing you walk on ground that has a story older than the kingdom of The Netherlands!

Heath called "Hoorndeboegse heide" in Hilversum, The Netherlands

Heath called “Hoorndeboegse heide” in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Shot with the Nifty Fifty! The little hill is a 4000 year old grave!

Two weeks ago on a nice Sunday I bought myself a lens I wanted for a while: the Nikon 50mm f1.4 AF-D a.k.a. the Nifty Fifty. My girlfriend and I went for a little walk on that particular Sunday and particular heath to give my new lens a try. I’ll soon write a review on this lens and compare it with the great Nikon 35mm f1.8 AF-S. For now I’ll leave you with these two pictures! Hope you like them!


A fungus photographed in The Netherlands. Shot with the Nifty Fifty. Can you tell why I like this lens so much?

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  1. I like that landscape photo (well, the mushroom photo too). It looks great with the tiny amount of leaves in the top. Nice DoF on the mushroom photo.

    • Thank you very much Cardinal! The last leaved before the trees are completely naked. Have a great weekend!

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