Free e-book on Creative Photography by Richard Bernabe

An interesting discussion is whether creativity is a born talent, or a skill we can learn. Personally I believe we can learn to be creative, but just like intelligence, you have to be “gifted”. Richard Bernabe wrote a free e-book called Creative Photography “Ten Easy Pieces”. Ten “easy pieces” to get creative. These ten tips are illustrated with some stunning pictures!

You can download his e-book on this page. All you have to do is click the “Download” button and follow some simple instructions (website registration). His book gives you ten tips to use in your advantage to be creative:

  1. Complementary colors
  2. Long exposures
  3. Shooting the twilight
  4. Foul weather
  5. Seeing abstractly
  6. Visual economy
  7. The human element
  8. Back lighting
  9. Leading lines
  10. The decisive moments

A little information Richard Bernabe.

Richard Bernabe is a an internationally renowned landscape, wildlife, and travel photographer and author from the United States. His passion for adventure has been the driving force behind his life’s quest to capture the moods and character of the world’s most amazing places, from Africa to the Amazon to the Arctic and countless places in between.

Hopefully you will enjoy this one!

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    • Thank you for leaving a reply Joanfrankham! Enjoy! Hopefully the book will add something to your knowledge!

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