Update: Types of photography – Join the poll!

I have added a new page to this website about different types of photography! Read it here!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and learn a little from it. Feel free to comment and share your type of photography! Besides leaving a comment, I would really appreciate it if you participate in the poll below (select maximum two choices). If your type of photography is not in the poll, feel free to leave a comment!


    • Hi Cardinal Guzman! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

      Street photography isn’t always that accessible if you are a bit shy! It might take some practice to approach scenes and photograph the people in these scenes! But you are right, it is definitly more accessible than nude photography!

      • Yes you’ve got a valid point there. You can’t be shy when it comes to street photography. I guess a lot of people would feel uncomfortable behind the camera.

        • I feel you could train to approach people. It helps your photography and you as a person!

          • Yes, for sure. It gets easier when you get used to approaching strangers. Sometimes you’re a little bit uncomfortable or nervous, but then afterwards you realize that it was no big deal at all. More often than not you meet really nice people.

  1. Cats take the big place in my photography. Sometimes I call myself as a cat photographeer 🙂 But I love to take things and events in running life… Thanks and Love, nia

    • Hi Nia! 🙂

      So animal portraits 🙂 Is that difficult? Are they posing nicely or moving as you try to take a picture? Photographing the daily life is lovely indeed! I use my iPhone for that. But people and landscapes are my personal favs 🙂

      Thank you for leaving your thoughts! 🙂


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