Just a sunset photo.

Just a sunset photo, period. And it is not even of great quality. Composition isn’t “correct” and image quality is low. Shot with a iPhone and edited with Instagram.

Sunset Rotterdam - Instagram

Sunset in Rotterdam, edited in Instagram and Snapseed.

Usually I share some tips on photography and I dislike to post something without any valuable content, but this sunset struck me. I was at work, had no camera with me, thus I used my iPhone and made this photo trough a window. Okay, one tip: If you take a picture trough a window and there are reflections, press your lens/phone against the window (assuming you don’t have a polariser with you).

Good night my dear followers!

Kind regards,


    • Thank you very kindly Rekha! That was my reaction too when I looked out the window!

      Happy weekend!

    • Thank seedbud for leaving a comment! The sky was mesmerizing that sunset!

      Happy weekend and kind regards,

  1. It is wonderful when one experiences a magical work of art and is moved to share the joy. I love that feeling. That “can I get a witness” excitement. Have a super weekend and thank you for sharing Tieme. 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your lovely words Nomzi! I appreciate them very much! Yes, I had to share this wonderful view! Have an amazing weekend yourself and enjoy beauty around!

      Thank you for your time and leaving your thoughts 🙂

      Kind regards,

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