Happy New Year

Happy new year my dear people! Three months ago I decided to start a new good habit: Blogging. Writing down what I have learned and what I want to learn. In 2015 I want to grow even further. In my long post about self reflection this week I wrote about reflecting and learning. My next step is to make a “road map” for 2015, a map with my learning goals for the next year.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful life, with great health and wealth.

I hope you have a fantastic 2015 and I’ll surely drink to that!

Ardbeg 10 years

Ardbeg 10 years, a smokey whisky.

The setup for this photo can be seen in the diagram below.

Ardbeg 10 years setup

I used this setup to photograph the 10 year old Ardbeg whisky bottle.

For those interested, this are my tasting notes for the whisky:

  • Nose: smokey and peat.
  • Taste: earth, water, peat, smoke, black pepper, barley, and licorice.




  1. A happy, healthy 2015 to you! I look forward to seeing what you will share. Very Best, Catherine

    • Thank you very much Catherine! I wish you nothing less, and hope you’ll enjoy another year in great wealth and health!

      Warm greetings,

    • Thank you! It surely tastes good, however if you read the tasting notes, it sounds weird I guess 😉

      Have a great 2015, and thank you for participating on my blog! I hope you and the people around you find all you are looking for.

      Warm greetings,

  2. Ah, the good old Ardbeg. A great drop and a wonderful distillery if you ever get the chance to visit! Your photo more than does it justice BTW!
    Keep on waffling,

    • Thank you very much Nick! Yes the good old Ardbeg, wonderful taste on stormy days.

      I still need to plan a whisky and photography trip to Scotland!

      Again, thank you for leaving a note!


    • Thank you Zulham for visiting my site and leaving a note!

      I hope your 2015 will be great, and your future will be bright!

      Kind regards,

  3. Very nice shot. The crop is a bit too tight on top/bottom for my taste. I would probably have left a bit more air in it. Thanks for showing the setup, it’s always interesting and helpful.

    • Thank you very much for your honest opinion, Cardinal! A bit more space is a good advise.

      Thank you for your comment. Have a nice weekend.

      Kind regards,

    • Thank you very much Nia. And I wish nothing less for you. for 2015 and beyond.

      Warm greetings,

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