A cheap Chinese ND Filter

Chinese webshops can be nice. If you know how to pick a product, and if you are willing to take a gamble, you might end up with a nice cheap product. I bought a reflector, and lens hood once. They were nice. But I also decided to give a cheap 2 dollar natural density filter a try. Natural Density, or ND, filters block light. They are like sunglasses to your lens. This way, you can achieve long exposure times and wide open apertures, during sunny days.


Moerputtenbrug in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Shot with a cheap ND filter.

Ordering was fine. Low price, no shipping costs. Shipping took ten days, which is fine too, considering it travelled from Hong Kong to The Netherlands for free.

The packing was not very strong. The ND-filter felt cheap, and was wrapped in a piece of bubble foil. It was not damaged, so the packing seemed to work.

Taking a closer look at the ND-filter, it occurred to me that production must have been very cheap, and I did not have any expectations of this dark piece of plastic.

I decided to give it a try to see what the results would be. Long story short: they are not naturally dens (they have heavy colour casting), they take away contrast, and sharpness. But it is fun to play around with!

Here are two pictures I took at the Moerputtenbrug in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.


Although the cheap filter lacks sharpness and contrast, it shows the capabilities of a more expensive filter: Creating long exposures! This makes me want to buy a solid version!


Sharpness, contrast, and colours are all negatively affected by this cheap filter. But playing with long exposures is fun!

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    • I only I had the money! Maybe someday, and if I am going to buy one, it’s from Lee and combine it with other filters. The starters-kit is approximately 300 euro’s. Lot’s of money isn’t it?


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