A series on Rotterdam – Erasmusbrug/Erasmus Bridge (Part 2)

As a follow-up for part one, here is part two of the Erasmus Bridge. This large cable-stayed and bascule bridge in The Netherlands, connects the two parts of Rotterdam. A city split by the river Maas. All photos in this post are taken while standing on the bridge.


Looking up at the bridge.

Even though every photographer takes the same pictures, I wanted them too. Of course I am talking about the photos in this weeks blog: looking up while standing on the bridge.


Modern architecture has been the theme for Rotterdam, since the old buildings were destroyed in the second World War.

The nickname of this bridge, is “The Swan”, due to it’s long “neck”. This “neck” is very photogenic.


Looking up at the top of the bridge.


The Erasmus Brigde, also know as “The Swan”.

I hope you enjoyed this little series! Thank you taking a look!

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  1. Love the perspectives, Tieme! Also I noticed that when I scroll down on my laptop, the steel cables seem to move, that’s funny 🙂

    • Hi Kiki! Nice of you to stop by, thank you 🙂

      The same thing happens on my phone! I guess I made an interactive photo and this has nothing to do with screen resolution and refresh rates (sorry, let myself go, a bit geeky).

      Have a happy weekend ahead! Hope the weather will be good!


    • Thank you! I am glad you experienced it like that! If you get the change to visit Rotterdam, go for it! If not, we’ll the world won’t stop spinning 😉


  2. Schitterende foto’s van deze brug ! Hele mooie effecten en net alsof ik er zelf naar omhoog kijkt 🙂 !


    • Dank Marjolein! Dat was de bedoeling van de foto’s, goed te lezen dat het gelukt is 🙂


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