A series on Rotterdam – Market Hal/Markthal (Part 2)

The food market called “Markthal”, or translated for the non Dutch speakers, Market Hall is a great addition to Rotterdam, the ever growing city. This week I’ll share ten photos of this 40 meters high building with 4600 square meters shopping area, 1600 square meters of pubs and restaurants, and a garage providing parking spots for over a thousand cars. Today’s post, is the second and last one for this week. Up ahead (next week) is some more architecture of Rotterdam.

Market Hall

The entrance to the Market Hall.

The impressive artistic painting on the ceiling is an immense 11.000 thousand square meters piece of art by Arno Coenen called “Horn of plenty”.

Colourful ceiling

That ceiling is mesmerizing!

This food market has been covered by many media on the Internet, radio, and television. The evening I took these photos, a Dutch series was recorded at the Market Hall. A TV programme dedicated to the “normal person”, called “Man bites dog”. A part of this programme is you can talk to the “chat box”, or in Dutch “Babbelbox”. Inside this box is a camera, recording the story you are telling, which might be aired a day later on national television.


The Dutch people will recognize the logo on the box. This the “chat box”. A box where you can talk into to tell your story on the Dutch National television.

And now I am covering this lovely place!

Food market, Markthal

What do you want? Soup, juice, a sandwich, cotton candy, doughnuts, Chinese noodles?

Like said, if you like arts, and if you like food, this is a great place to visit. But building this piece of wonderful architecture brought more! While digging the ground to build a foundation, they did some great archaeological discoveries! Exhibited in the basement of the “Markthal” are vases, jewellery, statues, and other artefacts older than a thousand years, they found during construction.

Station Blaak

The Market Hall is next to a metro, tram, and train station (Rotterdam Blaak). Making it conveniently accessible. And what about the bicycles? Very Dutch!

And while building the “Markthal” is done, Rotterdam will never stop building and renovating the city.

Thank you for watching and reading!

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  1. Marvin

    Wonderful place! Thanks for an interesting read and great photos.

    • Thanks a lot for reading and leaving a comment Marvin! I appreciate it!

      Kind regards,

    • It does! A place worth visiting if you are in Rotterdam 🙂
      Thanks for leaving a note!


  2. This is like a dreamy place… Fascinated me so much. To be there should be so nice feeling… Thank you, love, nia

    • Hi Nia!

      Always nice to have you visiting my blog! Hope you’re doing great.

      This place is fascinating, and the ceiling is worth staring at for a while. And then have some Caribbean food and shoot some photos 😉

      Have a great weekend ahead!

      Warm greetings,

  3. Wow, mooie foto’s! Vaak hierover gehoord..wordt toch tijd om binnenkort maar eens naar Markthal te gaan 😀

    • Als het niet te ver reizen is, zeker doen! Rotterdam is sowieso een mooie stad geworden de laatste jaren. Voor mijn gevoel is het van een kille stad, naar een hippe stad gegaan.

      Dank je voor je compliment en bericht en alvast een fijn weekend en vrijheidsfeest!


  4. The Markthal is truly a stunning place, the roof definitely makes it very special. I can understand it is popular! I’ll have to remember it if I go to Rotterdam. I have been in a lot of places in the Netherlands, but Rotterdam is still not on that list:) Great photos capturing Markthal.

    • Rotterdam isn’t like any other Dutch city. Where have you been? Utrecht, for example, is a smaller, more picturesque city. And both are nice!

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Have a great weekend!


      • I went there for work so I used to land in Amsterdam and take the train to places like Arnhem, Rheden and Hengelo, not the biggest cities:)

        • Ah the small places indeed 🙂 How did you like Arnhem? Did you had the change to visit Enschede (near Hengelo)?

          Have a great week!

          Kind regards

          • No, I have not heard about Enschede. Is it a place near Hengelo? Arnhem is always nice, I line walking the streets there and they have some good restaurants to:)

          • It is near Hengelo yes 🙂 It is the city where I studied. Arnhem is nice too yes.

            Happy Sunday!

            Kind regards,

  5. Ook het centrale station is erg mooi geworden! Heel modern, daarvan zal ik komende weken ook foto’s van plaatsen.

    Dank je 🙂


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