A series on Rotterdam – Living in a cubicle

In today’s post I’ll take you about 50 meters from the Market Hall, to some strange houses. If you like your cubical at work so much, Rotterdam offers you a way to live in one (just kidding, Dutch offices barely have cubicles, we prefer open spaces)! Designed in the 70’ties, these strange houses can be yours for a asking price of 175.000 Euros! But I have to admit, I think they’re funny looking, but not very practical.


As Dutch as it gets, bikes.

Living in the city center of Rotterdam for 175.000 Euros is not that expensive. And a great addition: you live next to the Market Hall, and a train, bus, metro (subway, or tube), and tram station. So public transport is nearby!

Metro station Blaak, Rotterdam

Subway station Blaak, Rotterdam

Metro station Blaak, Rotterdam

Subway station Blaak, Rotterdam. Even underground the modern architecture continues.

Despite they are not practical to live in (this is just a personal opinion), they look good. And some are used as hostel, for the tourists to live in. So if you are going to visit the “Markthal”, why not stay a night in a cubicle?

My cubicle

The cubicle houses are built around little courtyards.

There are 38 of these houses, and although they were designed by architect Piet Blom in the 70’ties, in Rotterdam construction was finished in 1984. In the city Helmond (the south of The Netherlands), these houses were finished ten years before, in form of an experiment.

Looking up at the cubicle.

In some smaller courtyards, if you look up, you get to see this.

And my dear readers, would you live in one of these houses?

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  1. I might get dizzy if I lived in a house like these! But the architecture is quite amazing along with your photography of them.

  2. Very nice architectural photos, I especially love the last one, such a great pattern (always worth looking in directions or taking photos from perspectives that are out of the ordinary).

    • Thank you very much Karen! I am glad you appreciate it 🙂

      There are many patterns visible in buildings, those architectures are straight artists 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by!


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