A series on Rotterdam – Central Station

This week I’ll conclude the series on Rotterdam, and take you to the center of public transport, Rotterdam Central Station. Opened after renovations in March 2014, 110 thousand people per day use this station for their transportation, making it Rotterdam’s biggest train station next to six other train stations.

Rotterdam Central Station

The modern train station of Rotterdam.

The total costs of building this station are around 675 million Euro, however this complex is not only used for transportation purposes. This train station also houses offices, bars, and restaurants. From the Central Station passengers can travel by train, bus, tram (overground train) and metro (subway, underground train). The Central Station of Rotterdam not only connects Dutch cities, but also direct connections to Antwerp (Belgium), Brussels (Belgium), and Paris.

Rotterdam Central Station

The large hall of the train station in the city center of Rotterdam also connects to the subway, tram, or bus.

The building is made out of glass, stone, and wood. While the floor is made out of red nature stone, the roof is entirely out of wood and glass.

Rotterdam Central

The roof of Rotterdam Central Station continuous outside.

Next to this train station is the former highest building of Rotterdam (until May 2009), called “Gebouw Delftse Poort” (“Delft Gate Building“). It is 151 meters high, and is mainly used by a Dutch insurance company.

Rotterdam Central Station

How many times did I mention the word “modern” while talking about Rotterdam?

This company is sponsor of the Dutch National Football team, hence the beautiful image on the side of the building, of the best football team in the world!

Nationale Nederlanden

Formerly the highest building of Rotterdam. As long as I can remember an image of the Dutch Football team is posted on the side of the building.

And, if you wish, you can live near the Central Station in one of the golden apartments nearby.

Golden houses

Some apartments next to the train station.

This concludes the series on Rotterdam. It is the first time I have done a series and I enjoyed it quite! I might do more on other Dutch cities.

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      Thank you for your kind words! 🙂


    • Thank you very much 🙂 I tried my best for this series 🙂

      Hopefully I’ll do some more series soon!


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