A series on Lisboa – Estoril and Cascais

This will be the final post on my series on Lisboa. Today, I am taking you to one of my favourite places to visit: the beach! In contempt of what many people think, Lisbon is not located near the Atlantic Ocean, but near the river Tajo (Tagus)! There are some nice city beaches at the river Tagus in Lisbon, but to visit a beach at the Atlantic Ocean you need to head to the municipality of Cascais.

Forte da Cruz

Forte da Cruz and a natural swimming pool in Estoril.

To get there, take the train from Cais do Sodré, one of Lisbon’s biggest and central stations. Travelling by train in Portugal is not expensive. Take the train to Cascais, a trip that will cost you approximately 2 euro’s for a single fare.

There are multiple beaches outside Lisbon. If you take the train from Cais do Sodré (Lisbon), one of the stops you will pass after 30 minutes is Estoril. Estoril is a small city in the municipality of Cascais, and a little less full of tourists than Cascais.

In Estoril there is a beach (Praia do Tamariz), a castle, and a natural swimming pool, and a few restaurants. A perfect place to lounge and enjoy the sun. The summer is a great time to be in Portugal, but the month June is just as perfect! You have Santo Antonio Festival, and the temperature regularly hits 25 or 30 degrees Celsius!

The beach at Estoril

The beach at Estoril is called Praia do Tamariz.

Two stops after train station Estoril, you’ll arrive at the main city of the municipality: Cascais. This city is a bit more crowded, but definitely a place you want to visit!


A nice little street in Cascais.

This old village, 40 minutes outside Lisbon (by train), is one of the richest places of the area. Yet still, dining at a restaurant is very affordable (10 to 15 euros per person). Directly after exiting the train station towards the ocean, you will find Praia da Rainha. A small beach, but very beautiful. Do yourself a favour, and walk towards the end of the beach past the rocks, there is a little appealing cove.

Cascais beach

Praia da Rainha is a rather small, but stunning beach in Cascais.

The water of the Atlantic Ocean, is a bit colder than the Mediterranean Sea, only 18 or 19 degrees Celsius in June, so it is cooling! However, there is more to Cascais than just the beaches (which are a bit small and crowded, but exquisite). Cascais is home to old buildings, and a fort named Fortaleza da Nossa Senhora da Luz.

Fortaleza da Nossa Senhora da Luz

Fortaleza da Nossa Senhora da Luz.

The fort is surrounded by a harbour, and wonderful flora. On a hot day, bring a bottle of water, since there is not much shadow when the sun is straight above you!

Fortaleza da Nossa Senhora da Luz.

Flora at Fortaleza da Nossa Senhora da Luz.

Near the fort there is an attractive square called Praça 5 de Outubro, this is where the Town’s Hall is located. From the square, disappear into one of the little alleys, to find yourself a hidden restaurant where you can enjoy this area’s main dish: fish!

Cascais Town Hall

Cascais Town Hall at Praça 5 de Outubro.

In this picturesque town it is easy to forget time while enjoying a wine, or Super Bock beer, and some tasty food. But keep in mind, the last train back to Lisbon leaves at 1:30 AM (promise me to check this and don’t not believe me blindly, the train schedule might change over time). And at that time, hopefully the tubes are still running to get you to your hotel!

Restaurant in Cascais

A fine restaurant in Cascais.

A final tip: Near the train station there is large supermarket called Jumbo, very convenient! And do skip the McDonald’s at the train station with so many fine restaurants around.

This concludes my series on Lisboa. If you liked it, feel free to leave a comment. Should I do this more often?

Thank you very much for reading, and have a great time!

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