Fruit process – Tomato plant

A national grocery store had a cool promotion last spring. For every ten euros spent, you received some vegetable plant seeds. I decided to capture the growth process of two: the tomato plant and radish plant.

Below are the photos for the tomato plant, sorted from week one to the last week. And it didn’t end well…

The ride took 13 weeks for the tomato plant. Thank you for watching! In a few days I’ll share some photos of the radish.

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  1. Oh dear… sorry to hear and see it didn’t end well! Especially with the work you had to put in to help it make it through.
    My own tomato plant – pre-grown to 40 cm on the window sill by my mother – took until last week to produce two handfuls of cherry tomatoes. Sadly they didn’t taste like homegrown tomatoes at all, and the skin is a little too thick. I chucked them into an omelette and it was ok, but I have to say after caring for a plant for almost 6 months, it’s rather disappointing…
    Will you stil try again next year? Or are you demotivated?
    Looking forward to see what’s become of the radish!
    Have a great day!

    • Hi Kiki! It was such a tragedy.. No home grown tomatoes this year. We had some sweet ones last year however.

      I didn’t put any effort in the plants, my girlfriend did. But I like that the supermarket ran this promotion. It’s great that kids learn that some things aren’t made in a factory 😉

      It does take some patience! And too bad they didn’t taste as you hoped. Not enough sun, or warmth? The vegetables growing in the Mediterranean always taste better (except maybe for potatoes).

      We live in an apartment, but hope to buy a house with garden in the near future (within 5 years hopefully). Than we’ll be growing our own vegetables! And meat, but I’ll need to read a little about how to grow hamburgers and steak. Haven’t found the right plant for that yet 😉


  2. Hi Kreng Jai!

    Well, most plants die in our house. I think the humility is not ideal here. Plus, my girlfriend looks after the plants, the tomato plant wouldn’t even grow if it was for me 😉

    Happy Sunday!

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