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During the spring of 2015, I took two photos and asked for your feedback. I needed to know what you would have done differently in the pictures I posted. There were some very interesting comments. And with these comments in my mind, I headed for the same bench to retake the pictures. One of the results is this photo. What do you fellow bloggers think, do you like the changes?

Hoorneboegse Heide

A second try: Let’s enjoy the view at the Hoorneboegse Heide in Hilversum, The Netherlands

Asking for feedback is always fun. New insights, other people’s perspective, are very handy for your journey on improvement. Seeing how many people are willing to help is even more fun. It was quite an experience, so thank you! 🙂

In the previous post, the photo below received most votes for “best photo”.  The reasons people liked this photo are various: for some the empty bench and the sky contained emotions, for others the view behind the bench was the key.

"Hoorneboegse Heide"

Close to the bench, most viewers consider this photo to have “emotions”.

Asking for your feedback, some of the points I received to improve the photo above were:

  1. The tree branches on the top are distracting;
  2. A different point of view (maybe a lower PoV);
  3. Try to use HDR for the dynamic range;
  4. Take some more distance from the bench, or get closer.

So I mingled these tips into a composition I liked, and the result is the photo below. I liked the recommendation to change to point of view, but I wanted to keep the bench parallel to the horizon. The tree branches on the top of the previous photo, were distracting indeed, hence I got rid of them.

What do you think, is it an improvement?

Take a seat

The retake of an inviting view..

A beautiful thing happened the evening I retook the photos. The sky conditions were almost the same as the first time I took these photos. Again, a strange combination of purple and orange. What a coincidence!

And than, when I was heading home, the sky exploded. Colours, clouds, sunlight, shadow, they were everywhere! The colour of the sky almost matched the purple heather. So I jumped of my bike to take the last photo before heading home. What a treat by nature!

Summer sunset at Hoorneboegse Heide

The sky exploded full of colours during a summer sunset at the heath in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

What I have learned here, is that you need to take your time to make one, two, or three photos. Taking them, and retaking them will result in better quality over shooting many photos in one evening. Another thing that I took notice of, is that asking for help really works! Therefore a big thank you to the people who took the time to help me improve by leaving a comment in the previous post:

Kind regards,



    • Thank you Joan! It was an impressive moment. The colours were truly overwhelming!

      Warm regards,

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