Luvo Photography is 1 year!

It has been exactly one year since my first post on being live! And now, 68 posts, 24 pages, 217 followers, 777 comments, close to 1.300 likes, and almost 10.000 views further (and just over 3.000 visitors), it is time to look back at a successful year and look forward to a new one! You made this year great, and I need you for the next one to come!

Nikon camera

My back-up camera, the Nikon D3100. The first image that appeared in a post on this website.

To start it of, here are some statistics: My first follower was Diogo Pereira (and the mos recent follower is RuneE), the first person to comment on my site was Darwin On The Rocks, and the first person to like one of my posts was Dawnasong. Most comments came from Kiki, Darwin on the Rocks, and Nia. And the post that received most comments was “Feedback needed: Three simple questions“.

The most visited page is obviously the home page, but it seems that most people quickly move towards my portfolio. While my article on using flash in landscape photography is the most visited blog post on my website.

Up to this point I have posted blogs in the next categories:

Apparently, Wednesday is the most popular day to visit my blog, and 10 p.m. is the best time (while 8 p.m. is the time that most comments are posted). Most of my visitors are from The Netherlands (followed by the USA).

I feel that I have learned a lot more on photography since last year. Writing articles on photography improved my writing skills, but also helped me to gain deeper insight in the technology of photography. But not only did I learn a lot. I have met a great community, with beautiful, talented people. A great addition to my daily live, that I did not consider before starting my website. So, many thanks to all of you contributing to my site! I love the honest feedback and the encouragements to take new steps!

The biggest challenge the past year was not finding topics to write about, but finding the time (well maybe above all energy) to write them. My daily work costs a lot of energy, and involves a lot of work behind the computer, so when I am free of work spending time at my laptop is not my favourite activity. But sharing my journey on photography is wonderful!

The second big challenge is to follow-up. I still want to start portrait- and model photography, but somehow I have not started this. Picking up my camera after a long day of work is something I need to push myself to do.

Me landscape

Up next near: Growing in post post-processing.

So what is next? Obviously, keep on improving my photography. I need to pick up my plan again and improve portrait-, street-, and landscape photography (I feel a new reflection moment coming up). For the next year I also want to focus on post-processing photos.

More practical plans are improving my website, and promote it more, along with my Facebook page (I would love it if you “Like” it). I also think about trying to publish some of my photographs. And maybe, since the Dutch are visiting Luvo Photography most, work on a Dutch website. So many things, and so little time.

Again, a big thank you to all of you visiting my site and helping me grow! I am grateful that you are willing to spend some time on me. You make me want to improve and keep on photographing.

Thank you for reading and kind regards,



    • Thank you very much for the Like Diana! I appreciate that! 🙂

      Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead!

      Warm regards,

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