Update: Golden and blue hour explained

A new update for you! I have added a page describing two beautiful moments for photography: The golden hour and the blue hour!

Quickly click here to move to the new page and let me know what you think!

Sunset in Monte Argentario

Sunset in Monte Argentario, Italia. When the sun is closest to the horizon, the colours explode all over the sky!

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  1. Hi Tieme,
    Just read your post, and I have to say thank you for explaining it all so perfectly and with such ease! I’d never heard of astronomical, nautical and civil twilight before.
    Looking forward to more such posts!
    Have a great day, Kiki

    • Hey Kiki! Thank you for reading and leaving a comment! It was new to me too when I started writing this page. Although the golden and blue hour have always been the moments that I take my pictures.

      Great to read that it was useful for you 🙂

      Have a great Sunday and a great week ahead!


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