Merry Christmas!

I don’t have much with religion and Christmas does not have any meaning to me. But I surely enjoy the days off work and spending time with my family! I hope your days are wonderful, and for those going through a hard time: I wish you all the strength you need to endure to overcome the  difficulties.


Merry Christmas! This little snowman was made by my sister!

Have a great couple of days and a good year-ending ahead.

Warmest regards,



  1. Wishing you the same, Tieme, and I hope you enjoy your days off!
    Warm regards,

    • Thank you very much Kiki! 🙂

      Today we’ll be celebrating third Christmas day at friends. So I had been busy in your field of expertise today: cooking. Made some pork and steak on the barbecue and some wine/blue berry sauce to go with. The potatoes are currently baking in the oven. What a work!

      Enjoy near years even and the week ahead!


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