A new year, a new website!

It has been quiet around Luvo for a while. A couple of weeks ago there was one message saying the website was down for short period. This was not coincidence. Because the last weeks I have been working hard on a new website. The first year of Luvo was great, I had great interaction with the visitors of my website, I have seen many cool blogs, and really enjoyed writing and doing photography for my blog. So I decided the next step was to move my WordPress.com account to a self-hosted website for more control (feel free to ask question about moving your WordPress blog, if you have any).

As much as I like the free WordPress.com site, I needed more options: the advantages of a self-hosted are that it allow me to take more control over SEO (Search Engine Optimization – get more people to find my website via Google) and implement more cool plugins, making it possible to create an awesome front-page like mine. 🙂 Another advantage of a self-hosted website, is that I can add as many sites as I want, even if I decide not to use WordPress.

But enough about the reason to change! Let’s take a look at what has changed, and honestly, not too much in the contents!

At first, I changed the complete layout of www.luvo-photography.com. The front-page now has a cool slider, showing you nice photos. Clicking these photos will take you to a page with photography tips and tutorials. There are also four icons which are quick links to the most important pages of this website: My blog, my portfolio, the learning guide for photography, and a contact page. And if you scroll all the way down, you’ll find my latest blog posts.

Besides that, I made a minor change to menu structure. I decided to create four segments, to categories the tips and tutorial pages I have written over the time:

For the next year, my goal is to write more about photography, take more pictures, and hopefully increase the interaction with you even more!

I am interested in your opinion of this website. How do you feel about the change, is it an improvement? I am looking forward to your ideas and opinions in the comment section!

Train station Amsterdam Sloterdijk

Arriving at the next station, what will be ahead for Luvo?

Kind regards,



    • Thank you Joan! It was a lot of work, but happy it turned out as I wanted 🙂

      Thank you and have a great week!

      Kind regards,

  1. Best of luck with everything, Tieme. From what I saw, your design is excellent. Your header photograph is awesome!! <3

    • Thank you AmyRose! I worked hard on the design 🙂

      I took the header image near home. I was driving home from work as the sun set over the lakes near my house. Had to stop my car and shoot this picture!

      Warm regards,

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