Sex sells, and people are funny!

To be honest, I can be a bit lazy and slightly spoiled. I rather travel to work by car than using public transport, unless there really is no other way (when I go for drink after work for example). I prefer sitting in my own warm cocoon, yelling at other drivers, stuck in traffic, singing along with a song (happy that others can’t here me), than to stand in a crowded train. Particularly during the winter days, when the weather is cold and wet, and the trains have extra delays. But as much as I love to be alone, and as annoying other people can be, paradoxically there is one advantage of traveling by public transport: those annoying other people!

Empty station

It was cold, it was only me and her – Chloé, and she was not very talkative.

I currently work in Amsterdam, and as you all might know, parking in the big cities isn’t ideal. And if parking is no problem, try getting in of out a city during rush hour! So, if I expect horrible traffic, I travel by train.

The train station is a 15 minute bike ride (which is no fun during rainy days) and I travel heavily packed: a laptop, notepads, a couple of pens, papers, some more papers, and not to forget: some more papers. A year or so ago, I bought a laptop bag with a camera compartment. So my bag is bulky, but at least I have my camera with me many times! And this is great during public transport, because you know what? My camera loves these annoying people!

People are one of the most entertaining creatures to watch. Every day, we all have that same habit: like zombies, we move in one line from our homes to grey tall buildings early in the morning, in these buildings some funny stuff goes on for 8 or more hours, and than we head back home to complain about the things we did for 8 hours. A rhythm that goes on until something happens to change that (like death or getting sacked). During these migrations from home to work, people show some cool behavior! Today was like any day. I was waiting for the train as a cranky women asked a man to get out the way with a sneer in her voice. A bit further two colleagues greet each other happily, looking forward to some big meeting, while a bloke walks past me with loud music blasting from his headphones.

And this particular morning, something funny would happen. I was well on my way to work, standing in a crowded train, as it approached the next station. The train came to a stop to let the people get off. As the doors opened, a large billboard appeared with two half naked muscular hunks. This billboard was a advertisement for a gay travel organization or something. Every person in the train and on the platform saw the billboard, man or woman. Some people pretended they didn’t see it, but than, a middle-aged lady stopped her tracks, and took a few seconds to admire these models with a large smile on her face. I chuckled, usually on billboards you see pretty women (like in the image above), preferably in lingerie, and now this lady, in her mid-fifties, was enjoying this sexual poster without any unease.

A minute later, a guy came strolling by. He was busy looking at his phone in his hand and was not paying attention to the surroundings. He stopped, and as he was finished texting, he looked up. And this, he was not expecting. He looked straight at the billboard with the half naked men. After a second or so, he realized what he was staring at, and awkwardly turned away, with a little shock and embarrassment in his eyes. At this point I wasn’t chuckling anymore, but a laugh escaped my mouth. I loved this billboard! Not only did it express sexual freedom, but it provided me some laughs too!

I like these annoying people, they may piss me off at times, they cut you at the highway, they are loud, and sometimes smell, and still, they make me laugh all the time. And what can I say about these billboards, sex sells I guess?!

Sex sells!

Even though for some sexuality is shameful, everybody is somehow forced to look at the billboard.

What do you do when traveling? Reading, listening to music, talking, or just watching? Let us know in the comment section!

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