10 apps for your Android and iPhone to support your photography

In the past I have advised you about 15 apps you should have on your iPhone or Android. As I recently switched from Apple to Android (which is a mistake), I needed some new apps. And as apps come and go, I have made a new list that I will share with you today! Make sure to check out the previous list, because it includes some nice tools for your photography! This time I will share ten cool Android apps, of which most are also available on iPhone. All images in this post are taken with my mobile phone. You can you also find most pictures on my Instagram page.

My house

A RAW picture taken with my phone and straightened in Lightroom on my mobile!

1. Lightroom – Free (and paid) – Android & iPhone

Any photographer knows Lightroom, and for many this is the prime photo editor, along with Photoshop. Both by Adobe. The free version of this app is very nice, and even capable of processing RAW photos! The paid version, comes free with the Adobe Cloud subscription, and offers more options like dehaze and noise reduction, which are not available in the free version.

You can download this app both for Android and iPhone.

2. Photoshop – Free (and paid) – Android & iPhone

Like said, the big photo processing tool is Photoshop. There is also a version for your phone! With this app you can easily crop your photos, correct exposure and add or reduce contrast . Just like Lightroom, the free version misses some functions, but is still very useful for editing your photos.

You can download this app both for Android and iPhone.

Leiden, The Netherlands

Leiden, The Netherlands. I shot this with the Camera FV-5 app and edited the photo in Photoshop Express.

3. Photoshop Mix – Free – Android & iPhone

Yes, you are reading that right, again Photoshop. But this time it is Photoshop Mix. This cool app let’s you remove backgrounds, blend photos, and change colours of your photos. A great app for people looking to get creative!

You can download this app both for Android and iPhone.

4. SnapSeed – Free – Android & iPhone

Google offers a photo editing app too. Just like Photoshop and Lightroom, this app supports RAW photos. Something that more and more new mobile devices are supporting. This is the most complete post processing app for your phone, but is lacking one really important option: the noise reduction function is missing (which is available in the paid Adobe apps). Let us hope Google will add this in a future update!

You can download this app both for Android and iPhone.

Storm is coming

Storm is coming – Taken with my iPhone, edited in SnapSeed and shared on Instagram.

5. Pixlr – Free – Android & iPhone

Another photo editing tool, the last one, I promise. Pixlr is a little bit different from all other tools as it adds some fun creative options. Not only can you optimize your photos, you can also add text, frames, and fun filters! A complete app, that also is lacking the feature of noise reduction.

You can download this app both for Android and iPhone (and desktop).

6. PhotoTools – Free – Android

This is no photo editing tool, but the most complete tool you can find to support your photography. And it is complete free! Unfortunately, it is only available on Android. Some features are:

  • DoF & Hyperfocal Distance calculator
  • Field of View Calculator
  • Flash Exposure Calculator
  • Minimal Shutterspeed Calculator
  • Image Histogram View (select an image to show the histogram)
  • Blue & Golden Hour Calculator
  • Moon Phase & Exposure Calculater
  • Weather Forecast
  • GPS Information
  • Image Exif Reader
  • Checklists (Add your own checklists or select some premade checklists like: pre shoot checklist, wedding shoot checklist, standard shoot checklist)

There are even more features, and it is completely free for your Android device!

7. Camera FV-5 – Paid – Android

This app is not free, actually, it is pretty costly for an app. The current price is about $3,95, and is only available for Android. And to be honest, this app freezes sometimes. But that might be due to my crappy OnePlus Two (seriously, never buy a OnePlus phone, it sucks BIG time!). There is however one thing this app does. And that is capturing RAW photos with your phone (DNG format)! Capturing RAW photos is only available with the supported device, so make sure to check if your phone supports RAW on the creator’s website.


A quick snap taken with the Camera FV-5 app and edited in SnapSeed.

8. Golden Hour – Free – Android & iPhone

The Golden Hour and Blue Hour are important for photographers. This is the time for you to take the most glorious pictures. There are apps to help you to plan your photography trip. These apps show you when and where the sun sets, and rises.

You can download this app both for Android and iPhone.


I used the GoldenHour app to check the time and location for my shots. A quick snap with my mobile.

9. Nikkor & Acc – Free – Android

Looking for your next lens to buy? Or just curious to what lenses are available? The Nikkor & Acc app shows you all lenses made by Nikon and their characteristics. You can also compare lenses, search lenses by type, or find all flashes made by Nikon.

Unfortunately, this app is only available for Android.

10. Canon Lens Guru – Free & iPhone

Just like Nikon, Canon has an app showing all their lenses. But Canon adds to it. This app shows you videos on how changing lenses can improve your photography and learn how lenses enable you to see things differently.

You can download this app both for Android and iPhone.

This concludes this list of ten apps you should check. Make sure you take a close look at the 15 apps I blogged about earlier! What is your favorite app? Share it in the comment section below!

Kind regards,


P.s.: If you don’t want to pay for apps, check out Google’s Opinion Rewards programme. If you are willing to participate in some short surveys you’ll earn credits you can spend in the Google Store.


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