A day in my life: Sunset during the ride home

This week I won’t be sharing any tips or photos that I worked on for hours. The posts of this week have a completely new goal: to show you what I see in a regular week. Today it is “just a sunset”.

Sunset in Holland

Sunset in Loosdrecht, near Hilversum in The Netherlands.

Living in The Netherlands is not too bad. We belong to the one percent richest people in the world, we have a relatively fine educational system, and the nature is beautiful. As some of you know, I bring my camera everywhere (most of the time).  While driving home from work today, I saw the sky was treating me to a nice show, so I had to stop and capture it.

Sunset in the harbour

Sunset in the harbour not too far from my home.

On my route from work to home are the lakes called “Loosdrechtse Plassen”, not far from my house. This route is gorgeous, and with a sky like this, brilliant for photography. I guess by now you understand why I bring my camera almost everywhere I go.


A calm but fresh evening.

Today I decided to stop my car near the lake, take a few quick snaps, and continued driving home, as diner was almost ready.

What would be your reason to take your camera everywhere?

Kind regards,



    • Thank you! Living near this lake and passing it by on my way to, and from, work isn’t a punishment 😉

      Happy Tuesday!

      Kind regards,

  1. So beautiful photographs, fascinating. Your question should be like that for me 🙂 “What would be your reason to leave your camera at home?”… 🙂 Because I live with Mr. Can…. Thank you, love, nia

    • Hi Na!

      The world around us is beautiful. Thank you for your compliment! Good twist of the sentence! It is great not to leave your camera at home 🙂

      Have a great day!

      Warm regards,

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    • Hey Cardinal! 🙂

      Indeed, just in case, me too! However, sometimes it is that much of a habit, that I forget I carry my camera. It’s just another part of my daily luggage. I need to remind myself every now and than not just to bring the camera, but also use it 😉

      Have a great day!


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