A day in my life: Walking with dogs

My girlfriend has always wanted a dog. I don’t, as I grew a dislike of dogs as a child (I was chased by a dog when I was little). But to get used to dogs, we walk shelter dogs, to prepare for having our own pet dog (make sure to check out next weeks blog!). This is one of our weekend activities when it’s not raining.


To learn me how to handle dogs, my girlfriend and I walk with shelter dogs.

As I have said before, I love the surroundings of my city. We have lakes, forest, and heather. Walking here in the weekends is no punishment at all!

Going for a walk

The nature surrounding my home town is beautiful!

The wildlife you’ll find in Holland is not extraordinary. Small deer, oxen, birds, and small rodents walk this area. The oxen are really used to the presence of people, and even though it is advised to stay away from these animals, they won’t walk away if you approach them.

Wildlife in The Netherlands

This is what we call wildlife in The Netherlands. A beautiful animal!

This nature inspires me. As the country is quiet flat, photos risk to become dull. That is why Dutch photographers look for the sky. And when the sky is boring, look for new compositions, like the image below.


Nature is my biggest source of inspiration.

This concludes my week. Have a happy weekend!

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