Flowers! A nice little forest called Wildrijk

Yep, it is that season again… During autumn every photographer hunts down the colours of fall. And during spring, guess what? We hunt down the colours of spring. So flowers it is! There is a forest in Belgium called “Hallerbos” (translated: “Halle Forest”). A forest I heard great stories about, but never actually been there. Every year, in April or May (depending on the temperatures of winter and spring), Bluebells take over the woods and turn the ground into a blue carpet. This is a long drive from my home, but luckily I found a spot closer to home where Bluebells grow! My girlfriend, Luvo, and me and my camera went to visit a small forest in Sint Maartenszee named “Wildrijk”. Spending big money on photography lately I also bought a new (used) lens: the Nikon 70-200 2.8 G II. A monster of a lens that I decided to test on this gorgeous spot.


Bluebells and a young Maple bathing in the sun.

Wildrijk used to be a large forest owned by a rich merchant from Amsterdam. However, as people working in that area needed a place to set up a camp they sawed a large portion of the trees. What is left is nothing but a small place, but not just a small place!

When entering the park all you see is trees, bushes, and lots of flowers (predominantly Bluebells).


So many Bluebells!

It is assumed that although the bluebell origins from Western Europe, this flower didn’t grew in The Netherlands until people started to import them. It is not uncommon to see many Bluebells together. The seeds are too large to be distributed by the wind (and as they grow in forests, there is not a lot of wind), so only in the direct surroundings of the flower, more will grow.

Green and Purple

Green and purple everywhere! The Nikon 70-200 G II is incredibly sharp!

Oh yeah, and I did mention that I bought a new (used) lens, right? What a beast! It weighs 1,5 Kg and combined with my body well over 2 Kg. And what a sharpness this lens produces! Even at 200mm with an aperture of f2.8 the picture is razor sharp. The only downside for me, is it listens to my focal sensors very closely. On the outside focal points, the lens has trouble focussing on vertical lines. I talked to Nikon about this, and they assured that this is how the autofocus system of the D7100 works (outside for horizontal lines).


I think moss is one of the most gorgeous flora found on the planet. Together with these flowers they form a great scenery!

It was nice walking around with my new lens. The birds sang, the sun set with great golden colours, and the flowers looked gorgeous. A great moment to snap pictures of my girlfriend and Luvo too!

My loves

My loves enjoying the colours!

And what did I find next to my car? A late blooming tulip field! Not bad for a walk outside, is it?!


Tulips, tulips, and even more tulips!

How do the flowers grow in your area? Show me the pictures in the comment section!

Kind regards,


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