Giro d’Italia in The Netherlands: Arnhem!

Last Sunday (the 8th of May 2016) was the third and final day the Giro d’Italia crossed The Netherlands before heading to its home country. And while I captured most of the riders during the time trial in Apeldoorn, I did not had the change to capture the “peloton” in her glory. Luckily for me, we visited my mother-in-law that day, as it was “Mother’s day”, and she lives in Arnhem, the city where the third stage of the Giro would finish!

Giro d'Italia

The peloton during the third stage of the Giro d’Italia.

The 190 KM long third stage started in Nijmegen and crossed a large portion of the province Gelderland before finishing in the city Arnhem. So just prior to paying a visit for Mother’s Day, I quickly went out to shoot the cyclists of the Giro.

Giro d'Italia

Over 200 professional cyclists participate in the Giro!

The temperatures were brilliant, close to 30 degrees Celsius and barely any wind. I found myself a good spot next to some photo journalists and waited for the cyclists. A quick look at my Giro d’Italia mobile app told me that the Dutch Maarten Tjallingii was in the lead! This was very exciting news for the locals, as Maarten lives in the city Arnhem!

Giro d'Italia

Maarten Tjallingii on the left taking the lead during the third stage!

And just as I found my spot, the announcer told us the athletes were nearby. Camera read… There they are! With Maarten leading the group, the cyclists raced past me. A great sight that took only 3 minutes, and then they were gone. But I got my shots!

Giro d'Italia

All those cyclists, wat a great view!

And sure, Maarten Tjallingii didn’t win stage 3, and Tom Dumoulin lost the “Maglia Rosa”, and sure, the Giro would leave The Netherlands, but it was a great success! And Tom got to ride three stages in pink in his home country! What an exiting weekend for the Dutch!

Giro d'Italia

The “peloton” as a group of cyclists is called in the cycling sports.

Giro d'Italia

Jürgen Roelandts of team Lotto Soudal during the Giro 2016.

Are you a big sports fan? And did you ever capture a sport event? Share your pictures in the comment section below!

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