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I noticed that the number of visitors, comments and likes went down after moving my WordPress.com site to my self-hosted website. I assume that the main reason for that is that my blog is not showing up in the WordPress Reader. So now I am looking for new ways to improve traffic and interaction on this website.

My first step is to implement a Newsletter!

I work hard on this website and love it! I learn a lot by blogging about my experiences. Besides,  blogging keeps me active as a photographer.

If you like my work than subscribe to my newsletter! By doing so you encourage me to keep on writing and it would be a great token of appreciation!

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Hope to write you soon 🙂

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A buzzard flying high in the sky. Subscribe to my newsletter if you want to receive images like this in your mailbox!

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I spent a lot of time working on this website. I love it! If you appreciate this blog you could show it by subscribing to my newsletter.

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