Marjolein’s Pop-up Art Shop: Looking to buy art? Here is where to look!

I have mentioned my niece Marjolein Linders a couple of times on Luvo Photography. Not only is she an incredible artist, she also is a great entrepreneur. Something I think you need to be if you want to be successful in the world of arts. Proof of that entrepreneurship is the Pop-up Art Shop. A pop-up store where you can buy any form of art related to flowers, and it is opening today! One of my younger sisters made a hat, while another sister made fabric flowers. I am selling two types of postcards and a picture printed on perspex. If you are in The Netherlands between the 28th of June and July the 3th, visit her at de Oude Kraan 72 in Arnhem!

Pop-up Art Shop

Pop-up Art Shop

More details about the event can be found on her website or on Facebook.

Posbank, The Netherlands

You can buy this picture on perspex at Marjolein’s Pop-up Art Shop!

Pop-up Art Shop

Atelier Marjolein Linders is organizing a Pop-up Art Shop in cooperation with Lokaal72, a selection of artists, and creators of different styles. A shop full of flowers that do not wilt.

In week 25 the store is being built and will open one week later. Pictures and more information about this store can be found on

The shop is open from June the 28th until July the 3rd (2016). Hope to see you there!

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