Luvo Photography is 2 years old!

On the 17th of October 2014 I aired my first post, stating that my website was now live! On January the 25th, in 2016, I renewed my website completely, and switched from to a self-hosted website (still on WordPress). This gave me the opportunity to add features like a map with photography locations, a newsletter, and more tools to create a website the way I want it to function! And now, my website has turned two years old!


Happy birthday to Luvo Photography!

The first picture I ever uploaded to my website was the one below. I used it as a header image for my old website.

Amsterdam Central Station

Central Station of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The last picture that I uploaded, was used in my blog about the Fairy Pool and Talisker Bay, and is the one below.

Talisker Bay

The sunset at Talisker Bay.

My first ever post was a description of me, and my last post was about my trip to Scotland.

So far this blog had brought me many new insights on photography by great people offering feedback and tips: seriously, your compliments are very much appreciated and make me a happy bloke, but any suggestions for improvement are very welcome too!

The biggest change was probably switching to a self hosted website. This gave me more control over the content of this website, but did not necessarily brought more visitors. In fact, the number of comments dropped incredibly low, while a “thank you” goes out to the most people with the most comments: Kiki and Vanessa, both very appreciated bloggers.

Up till this point approximately 2200 people saw this website, and clicked around almost 4000 times.

I work hard on my photography, and while I brought my camera more often than before since having my website, and took more photos than this year than ever, I took less landscape pictures. Many photos were taken on family occasions or just “random” nature shots. And of course of my new friend Luvo.


Luvo was a bit sad because my girlfriend went out for some groceries.

Nature Bee

One of the shots I took while hiking with my camera.

I purchased some new tools too! An incredible Nikon 70-200 2.8 II VR lens, a Nikon TC20 III converter and a fantastic pair of Lee filters. This improved my photography. I realise that every time I buy something to add to my equipment, I take photography more seriously.


Windmills in at Kinderdijk, The Netherlands. One of my first projects.

Natural Density filter

Tulips in Zeewolde, The Netherlands. This is one of this years photos, shot with the Lee ND and Lee ND Grad filters I bought.

Another big change was taking post processing more serious, as I recognised a digital “negative” needs to be developed. Post processing is probably what make most pictures you see pop.

Waterfall Before and After

Before and after post-processing.

My plan is to write a little more on post-processing, as I believe it is one of the most underrated subjects, while the impact on pictures is huge. It seems that the most popular post is a review of the Nikon 50mm 1.4 AF-D and Nikon 35mm 1.8 AF-G lenses, so for the time to come, expect some other reviews! And the most popular page is about using flash in landscape photography. This means that I will try to find some “unconventional” topics on photography for your. Which will be my challenge as Luvo grows into his third year!

To all people who ever visited my blog, left a message, or even follow me regularly: Thank you! Please, help me to grow as a photographer by providing me with honest feedback, don’t spare me. And always feel free to ask me anything about photography, so I can help you grow too!

Again, my thanks to you reader!

Warmest regards,


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  1. Happy blogging anniversary, Tieme! It’s been a fun two years following your photography journey, conversing with you and exchanging opinions, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your pics in the future!

    Warmest regards,

    • Thank you Kiki! Can’t believe that it’s my second anniversary! To be honest however, it is getting harder to keep up with blogging. Especially with life getting more hectic.

      Thank you for your comments and feedback the past two year, I too enjoyed the interaction!


  2. Roger

    Congrats Tieme, keep up the good and beautiful work!

    Your friend,

    • Thank you buddy! I’ll try to keep it up 🙂

      See you soon (I’ll text you about drinking whisky)!


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