Calton Hill, Edinburgh

I have been to Scotland and the first stop was Edinburgh

As you might have noticed, it has been a while since my last post. Although I have taken some pictures the past months, which I will share later, I simply couldn’t find the time, nor energy, to post my work. Luckily, there came an end to my lack of motivation, as I visited Scotland and got re-energized!

Eyepiece Cap

What is that thing? The Eyepiece Cap?

I am sure that after buying your new DSLR you checked the box and probably knew most items packed in there. A neck strap, a battery, a cap to protect your camera when there is no lens attached, and a little piece of plastic. This little piece of plastic is called the Eyepiece cap. In this blog I’ll explain what this little cap


Capture motion with panning

Not too long ago I shared some pictures of the Giro d’Italia and ten tips on how to capture your pets. A technique that is useable both in sports and pet photography is called panning. Panning is a method used in photography to capture (quickly) moving subjects. In this blog I’ll discuss how to apply panning

Paard van Marken

Top 10 places to visit in The Netherlands and when to go there

Since I started with photography I became a tourist in my own country. My first project were the windmills at the Kinderdijk. From that point on I am looking for beautiful spots in my country to capture. Today, I’ll share some of these spots with you and advise you on the best time to visit.

Giro d'Italia

Giro d’Italia in The Netherlands: Arnhem!

Last Sunday (the 8th of May 2016) was the third and final day the Giro d’Italia crossed The Netherlands before heading to its home country. And while I captured most of the riders during the time trial in Apeldoorn, I did not had the change to capture the “peloton” in her glory. Luckily for me, we visited

Giro d'Italia

Giro d’Italia in The Netherlands: Maglia Rosa!

I think that the Dutch are (in)famous for a few things, and cycling definitely is one of those things! Tourist visiting Amsterdam are complaining about those crazy locals rushing their bikes through dense traffic. Those idiots riding with great determination not to stop for anything. It won’t come as a surprise that the Dutch went crazy last year, when

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