Rotterdam Central Station

A series on Rotterdam – Central Station

This week I’ll conclude the series on Rotterdam, and take you to the center of public transport, Rotterdam Central Station. Opened after renovations in March 2014, 110 thousand people per day use this station for their transportation, making it Rotterdam’s biggest train station next to six other train stations.

A series on Rotterdam – Construction never stops

Rotterdam, if you have followed my series on this city from the beginning, you know this city was destroyed in the second World War, hence this city contains mostly modern buildings. But since the beginning of the existence of Rotterdam, when the city was still a little village called Rotta, growing has never stopped.

A series on Rotterdam – Living in a cubicle

In today’s post I’ll take you about 50 meters from the Market Hall, to some strange houses. If you like your cubical at work so much, Rotterdam offers you a way to live in one (just kidding, Dutch offices barely have cubicles, we prefer open spaces)! Designed in the 70’ties, these strange houses can be yours

A series on Rotterdam – Erasmusbrug/Erasmus Bridge (Part 1)

With almost 620.000 residents, Rotterdam is the second largest city of The Netherlands. The port of Rotterdam has been the busiest port of the world since 1962, until it this “first place” was overtaken by Singapore in 2002, and later Shanghai. Unfortunately there aren’t many old buildings left in Rotterdam, due to the heavy bombing on May 14,

Landscape photography – Three mistakes I made

Back in December 2014, I went for a photography hike in the wetlands “Oisterwijkse Vennen”, The Netherlands. The past months have been very busy, so it took me a while to post-process the photos. And while post-processing, I found a series of mediocre photos. And I wondered… What went wrong that day?

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