Giro d'Italia

Giro d’Italia in The Netherlands: Arnhem!

Last Sunday (the 8th of May 2016) was the third and final day the Giro d’Italia crossed The Netherlands before heading to its home country. And while I captured most of the riders during the time trial in Apeldoorn, I did not had the change to capture the “peloton” in her glory. Luckily for me, we visited


10 Tips to help you capture your pets

Surprise, surprise, a blog about pet photography! Luvo has been living with us over a month now, and I guess it does not come as a shock that my memory cards are filled with photos of him. In this blog I’ll share 10 tips how to capture your beloved animal friend on camera, which is challenging at times! 1. Stay


Are you a multiplier or diminisher?

Last year was a proud moment in my five year young career. I got selected for the talents programme of my company. This programme, called “Future Leaders”, prepares high potentials to be leaders. Leaders of people, but also a leader for yourself. Part of the programme was a workshop entitled: “Are you a Multiplier or

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