A series on Lisboa – Night-life in Bairro Alto

Resuming on my series about Lisboa, we’ll stay in Bairro Alto, to visit the night-life. This is the place to be! Quiet during the day, but when it’s dinner time, the Portuguese get ready for wine and food.

Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto – Early in the evening, the Portuguese are inside, getting ready for the night.

Like mentioned in my previous post, do not go for dinner at the center squares. There are only high-priced, and low-service restaurants. Instead, rest in the afternoon, so you are fresh to start a great night in Bairro Alto!

Bairro Alto Night-life

Before diner, at around 8 PM, most people start with a drink.

The Portuguese have diner somewhen between 8PM and 9PM, so do not bother showing up at a restaurant at 6PM or 7PM, especially you, strict Dutchies! Only the touristic restaurants serve diner early, other restaurants do not open until 8PM.

Bairro Alto, streets at night.

Bairro Alto, where the restaurants open at 8PM.

The local cuisine is all about fish. Especially in June, where you will find barbecues with sardines on every street corner! The main meat courses are not as good as fish, and if you don’t like fat food: do not order a Portuguese steak. This is leathery meat (could as well have been a shoe sole), bathing in a lot of grease (literally as much as soup). My stomach could not handle that much grease and was restless for days after eating one.

Sardines in Bairro Alto

The main course is fish!

And after dinner? There are many pubs and (cocktail) bars.

Party Time!

Party time in Lisbon!

And when the night is done, you stroll to your hotel in empty streets…

Bairro Alto, empty streets.

Bairro Alto, empty streets.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more on this gorgeous city!

Kind regards,



    • It is a strange place Cardinal! During the day it is so quiet, that you’re sure nothing is going on. And after 8PM, all windows go open and there are cheap bars everywhere!

      Oh yeah, Portugal and fish: That is a GREAT combination!

      Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Have a great week!


  1. Jolanda

    Alsof je er zelf deel van uitmaakt: je proeft de sfeer.

    • Hoi tante!

      Dank je! De sfeer is prachtig en zeker het bezoeken waard. Op de botanische tuinen na, is er echter niet veel van de natuur te zien in Lisabon zelf.

      Tot gauw!


    • Surely is! 🙂 A must visit if you get the change. But hey.. which places aren’t worth visiting on this gorgeous planet? 😉

      Have a great Sunday!

      Warm regards,

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