Your last chance to photograph heathland!

Halfway through the month of August, I always start to monitor the heathland that is surrounding my city. This is the time that it will start blooming. And it is always a great sight, even more if you are able to find a wide open field. With August just behind us, you might have a last chance before the heather will be overblown (if you are not already too late). So grab your gear and shoot some last minute heathland!

Posbank, The Netherlands

A spider web in the moorland of the Posbank in The Netherlands.

The heather plant can be found all over the world. The species in The Netherlands origins from the West and North of Europe, and roots in sandy grounds. It prefers to grow in oceanic climates, where there summers are not too hot, and the winters are not too severe. The purple plant will start blooming halfway in August, and is at full bloom at the end of the month. How long, and how colourful it will bloom, depends on the summer. It is at her best after a wet summer season.

Posbank Panorama, The Netherlands

A panoramic overview of the hilly landscape in the east of The Netherlands.

The purple coloured flowers are in great contrast to the green grass, and as you might know, green and purple are complementary colours. So they can be used perfectly to add some depth and contrast to your work.

Posbank, The Netherlands

Green and purple are complementary colours.

In The Netherlands, heathland can be found everywhere. However, the best place to capture this season’s spectacle probably is National Park Veluwezoom.  Holland’s oldest National Park, part of the larger nature area called “Veluwe“.

Posbank, The Netherlands

The golden sun warms the earth for a new day.

This park is marked by hills, heather plants, grass, and forests. Which all are usable aspects to set up a wonderful composition. The sweet scent and the colours of the flora will be savoured by nature lovers (and bugs).

Posbank, The Netherlands

Grass, heather, and the blue sky. Colours are everywhere!

Unfortunately, at this time of the year, you possibly will not be the only photographer in the National Parks. I arrived at 6 o’clock in the morning, just a few minutes before sunrise, and already photographers swarmed the nice spots like bees swarm a beehive. For me, this spoiled the fun a bit. A Dutch saying sounds: “A beautiful woman never is yours alone“. I guess the same counts for beautiful spots on this planet. We all share the world, don’t we?

You're not alone

I wasn’t the only one shooting the great sunrise.

Landscape photography can be tricky, especially with different light conditions. That is why you’ll need to get up early, to make sure your shooting session will be during the Golden Hour. And if you are lucky, it will be a cold night and a warm day. This will improve the changes of some mist hovering above the ground. This happens when the air moisture reaches the “dew point“. The air temperature is cooled enough to turn humidity into water drops.

Posbank, The Netherlands

A dead tree is always an interesting view.

If you get up early, and bother to go out for a photography trip, prepare well. It would be a same to wake up at 5 AM, and don’t get the results you wished for. Therefore I’ll share a few tips, to improve your changes on the hunt for a nice photograph of the heathland:

  • Prepare your shoot, by scouting the location (or use Google maps)
  • Check the weather reports, know when (and where) the sun will rise and dress accordingly
  • Gain inspiration by studying photos taken by others at the location you are going to visit (search Panoramio, 500px, and Flickr)
  • Use the green and purple colours to add depth
  • Even in flat countrysides, always look for a interesting foreground
  • Go there at the Golden Hour to get the best light
Posbank, The Netherlands

Sunrise, sunrise, look’s like morning in your eyes.

Thank you for reading and good luck on your photography trips. Please do share your results in the comments. I am very curious to your photos!

Posbank, The Netherlands

I visited the Posbank two back-to-back Saturdays. One morning was misty, the other morning is calm and clear.

For those who are not in the occasion the photograph the heathland this year, mark your calendar halfway August next year, so you won’t miss the chance!

Posbank, The Netherlands

Spider webs everywhere!

Kind regards,



  1. Reply

    Wow – great colours! All of them are really beautiful shots, but my favourite is the first one – it’s beautiful but the fog and the spider web make it special!
    I tend to get a bit envious of people who live in places surrounded by such beauty and photo opportunities. Might have to consider moving elsewhere 😀

    • Reply

      Thank you very much Kiki! So many spider webs that day! The morning started so wonderfully calm and foggy! Where do you live? I guess there is beauty all around, but yes you are right: this is a wonderful place!


    • Reply

      Thank you very much Petal and Mortar! Far too kind!

      Waking up at 5 am is difficult, amen to that 😉 But the calm morning, finding a spot where you are alone with nature, are worth the effort.

      Photographing the sunset is pretty too, but there is a smaller change of mist in the evening, than in the morning. Besides, the earth feels “fresh” in the morning. At the sunset, I can see (and feel) that the world has lived another day, while she is ready for another day in the morning. Does that make any sense?

      Have a great Sunday!

      Warm regards,

  2. Reply

    The local hills are going purple, but getting up before dawn is an impossibility…..unless i am on holiday!
    Love your beautiful landscapes, Tieme.
    Regards, John.

    • Reply

      Hi John! I have a very busy full-time job, so I can only do this in the weekends or on holidays too. But for me it’s worth it 🙂 But honestly, if I do this on Saturday, I’ll still be tired on Sunday 😉

      Thank you very much for your kind compliments! I appreciate that you take the time to leave your thoughts.

      Have a great day!

      Warm regards,

    • Reply

      Thank you very much W.H. Sim! The fog always adds an extra dimension. Some shots in the article were taken the weekend before, when there wasn’t any fog. It is a different atmosphere.

      Have a great Sunday!


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