A new tripod – Gitzo GT3542LS!

It was a cold day and the wind was giving a hell of a blow to The Netherlands. I was outside, taking pictures. I wanted to switch lenses, so I left my camera on my tripod to open my backpack. As I turned my back towards my tripod a strange feeling crept over me. This feeling, so strange, made me turn around and look at my camera, mounted safely on the tripod. Or save, that is what I thought… As I just looked over my shoulder, I saw how a firm blow of the wind tipped my tripod over. My camera was heading towards the hard concrete floor! Luckily, I didn’t froze of fear, but quickly ran towards the tripod and caught it before it scattered in thousand pieces.

Hama Traveller Compact Pro

My first tripod. The Hama Traveller Compact Pro.

That is when I knew: It is time for a new tripod. They say that photographers buy three tripods in their live. The prices of photography gear is a big shock for new photographers. That is the main reason for most people to buy a “cheap” tripod first. I quoted cheap, because any tripod under 200 euros is cheap. Still a lot of money.

At the point that the first tripod is not functional any more, the second tripod is purchased. Knowing that “cheap” is expensive on the long term, most photographers buy a rather expensive one. This one might not break, or fall apart, but after years the photographer is missing features or prefers another size. And that is when they buy their last tripod. Approximately 600 to a 1.000 euros will be spent, but it is a tripod for live!

Gitzo GT3542LS

My second, and hopefully last tripod. The Gitzo GT3542LS!

My first tripod was the Hama Traveller Compact Pro. I paid 80 euros for it, and it worked well for a while. Than, slowly, the ball head started to creep. Not a stable platform for my camera. But it did the job for three years.

After the incident with the wind blowing over my tripod (and some issues, like tripod legs that couldn’t retract any more) I decided to skip my second tripod, and hope that I bought my last one right away. The Gitzo GT3542LS with a Sirui K-30X ball head.

Gitzo GT3542LS

Gitzo GT3542LS and Sirui Ball head K-30X.

The reason I chose this tripod was the carbon build, the height, the closed size, and the fact that it is “systematic”. Making it very sturdy and configurable. It even has some spikes underneath the rubber feet.


Some built-in spikes!

Rubber feet

Rubber feet for “normal” situations.

I love my new tripod! This was a considerable expense, but I hope to have found my tripod for live!

Kind regards,



  1. Hi Tieme, thanks for letting me know I’ll have to save for a new tripod at some point, I’m prepared now 😀
    I’m very content with mine, bought it about a year ago (so am not ready for a new one), it also has spikes for outside (never used), the legs are very sturdy, and the system seems to be the same as with yours – you unscrew each segment the leg as needed and it comes out bit by bit. The only thing I’m not content with is that there are no in-between notches to click in at a point between the segments, that is something I’ll be looking for in the next one.

    • Hi Kiki! Haha, it depends on how much you use it and if you use it outdoors a lot! As I use mine quite often outdoors I wanted a sturdy one.

      What do you mean? Can you only set your tripod at certain heights, not at any you prefer? Mine works with locks, all I have go do is twist the lock to (un)lock it at any point to set it at the height I prefer.

      Hope you had a great weekend and a happy Sunday ahead! Nothing but rain here!


      • What I meant was, when you unscrew the first part of the triplod leg, you can either let it come out all the way or stop somewhere in between. And the in between part is where I wish that there were notches to click in because when I let out the other two tripod legs, I need to have them at exactly the same in between point/height as the first one, and that would just be easier with notches.
        Sorry, I’m not very good at explaining, hope this makes sense now 🙂
        Have a great weekend yourself, Tieme!

        • Oh yeah, that makes totally sense! I have one stripes at 130 CM on my legs, but only at that height. That would be a brilliant addition to the tripod. Luckily for me is the ground that supports my tripod never level, so it wouldn’t help me too often. Besides, I do have a level on my tripod to check if my tripod is level, and one on my ball head and a digital one in my camera. So that helps 😉

          Thank you, my girlfriend and I did something that fits in your expertise, we made Moussaka. It is currently baking in the oven 🙂


          • Aha, that’s where the difference in our photography comes in 🙂 . I use the tripod at home for food photography on a level ground…
            Oooh, Moussaka – I’ve only every made that once, I think I should make that again. Enjoy it!

          • Haha, it does 🙂 But it’s a brilliant idea I haven’t seen on any tripod yet!

            Yeah, Moussaka! It is a lot of work though. At least an hour preparing, and now an hour in the oven. Hope it tastes as good as in Greece. My Bifteki does 😉

            Thank you 🙂


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