Ij-Hallen Flea Market in Amsterdam

If you are visiting Amsterdam next week or halfway into March and you are a fan of flea markets, than here is a tip for you. Once a month Europe’s biggest flea market takes place in the Ij-Hallen in Amsterdam, near the NDSM docks. This industrial area is not only housing this flea market, but is a terrific place for photography and art fans.

Faralda Hotel

This is the Faralda Hotel at the NDSM docks in Amsterdam. Three suites are available in top of the Highest Crane Hotel in the world.

NDSM stands for “Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij”, or in English “Netherlands Dock and Shipbuilding Company”, a company that was active from 1946 to 1979. Today, these docks, warehouses and old factories have a new destination: art! There are apartments (where mostly artists live), a club build in a glass house with industrial leftovers, a crane functioning as a hotel, and old warehouses and factories housing “Art Cities” and events.

Lift truck

Lift trucks are still used in the old warehouse.

One of these events is Europe’s largest flea market. This flea market takes place every month. Around 750 stands offer bargain hunters a change to find second hand clothing, old VCR equipment, analog cameras, and a lot of crap. The NDSM docks is the home of art and artists in Amsterdam, and this is visible. A lot of tourist, and artistic figures stumble around at the market (a great place for photographers to look for some portrait shots).

For Sale?

Not sure if these were for sale, or somebody left his/her old pair.

But there is a downside to the art vibe around the DSNM docks. Art is cool, and if it’s cool, it will cost you. Hipsters are willing to pay big money to feel artistic and original. The result is that cool lamps like the one below will cost you 300 euro’s. Even at the flea market.

It's cool, so it will cost you

It’s cool, so it will cost you. These lamps cost around 300 Euros.

Entrance fee to the market is 4,50 Euros for adults. Make sure to bring cash, as most sellers do not have a pin device. A visit to the toilet will cost you 35 cents, and a sandwich with cheese will cost you about 3,50 Euros.

Flea Market Ij-Hallen

The flea market is a happening. And happenings include food and beverages.

Even if you are there not to buy anything, it is a cool place to go. Enjoy the colourful people around you and the smell of old things.

Find your record

Find your record, movie, or tape at the flea market!

And what better place than a flea market, to revive your old childhood memories? All the toys an books you had as a child are now stored in boxes at the attic, except at the flea market. Like the books below: Dik Trom. A series of books on a Dutch boy in the old days. Memories are everywhere!

Dik Trom

The flea market, not only garbage, also memories!

How do you feel about flea markets? Are you going to visit Amsterdam (or how about the Feira da Ladra in Lisboa)? Do you have a tip on flea markets? Share it in the comments below!

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  1. We have a Saturday flea market here in Stuttgart but I’m not good at bartering, so I hardly ever go…
    I love the colouring in your old shoe pic – will you share the editing settings for that one?

    • Thank you for your comment Kiki! We aren’t hard negotiators either. But we didn’t care, since our intention that day wasn’t to make a living 😉

      I just liked to watch people 🙂 I think this was a one-time experience for me in Amsterdam 😉 It was fun for once 🙂

      Thank you for the compliment! I’ll share the settings as soon as I have the chance to get them!


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    • Oh yeah, it was popular when I was young. Maybe kids don’t read as much anymore today, or aren’t interested to how Dutch kids lived back in the day. But it was a fun read when I was a boy!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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