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Last week, I told you about my girlfriend’s dream to own a dog. I never liked dogs, but to show her I care about her dreams, we decided to walk shelter dogs in the weekends. This would give me the chance to get used to being surrounded by these animals, and she could enjoy her time with the dogs. So far, we’ve walked with quite some and the discussion arose: if you want a dog, take one from the shelter, or buy a puppy?

Well… The discussion has been settled. Say hi to Luvo, born on the 24th of December 2015!


Hi people! I am Luvo!

The upside of shelter dogs is that they usually are trained, so housebreaking won’t be too intensive. The downside is they have a story, which in some cases are terrible. And insecure dogs can be unpredictable and need a lot of patience. For me, not being used to dogs, that is a bit intimidating.

While you need to train puppies a lot (it seriously is a lot of work), you grow with them. While they are still cute little balls of fur, you learn to know them, and when fully grown, they know you and vice versa.

Luvo and his sisters

Luvo (left) playing with his sisters.

The search for a dog wasn’t easy. Although puppies are cute (and shelter dogs too), every time we visited a dog, we thought of many reasons why he or she wouldn’t be right for us. I wondered, is this because I really don’t want a dog? One of my little sisters knows a lot of animal behaviour, so I asked her: “How do you know what dog is right for you?”. Her reply was as simple, as confusing: “You just know. I saw mine and I just knew he was the one.”.

This advise was not useful at all… Or so I thought. But after yet another visit to a litter of puppies, we saw this little fella, and we fell in love. All the other puppies we saw earlier didn’t matter, he was the one.

Luvo and his Panda

Little Luvo and his panda bear.

We named him Luvo, just like my website. Luvo is a concatenation of Lumo and Vivo, Esperanto for Light and Life. With photography, I capture life using Light. And this little (already stubborn) fellow is a bright Light full of Life!


With his calm, yet stubborn look he oversees his new home.

It is a lot of work (just now I had to clean up a little “accident”), but my girlfriend is happy (and secretly so am I). It is amazing how quickly he adjusts to his new house. On the first day he already knew where he lives. After doing his business outside, he runs to the front door and waits till we let him in.

Luvo in bench

Don’t be fooled by his innocent looks. He is already testing us.

Besides food and his panda, he loves sleeping. He even lets us sleep at night, and cheerfully greets us as we wake up way too early, to take him for a walk.

Sleeping Luvo

The first two days was all about sleeping. But as the days go, he wants to play more and more.

I guess you’ll be seeing a lot more of him from now on.

Kind regards,






    • Hi Joan! Thank you very much 🙂 I am not regretting it indeed, but what a work to raise him! Testing our patience all the time 🙂

      Have a great Sunday!

      Warm regards,

  1. I already saw this cute fur ball on your instagram – he’s totally adorable! I was never a dog person because I made the same experience as you when I was a child – a huge German shepard dog came after me and already had my leg between his teeth when my grandmother came to my rescue, so I’ve always been wary of of dogs.
    These last few years, though, I’ve met quite a few cute mid-sized dogs and really wouldn’t mind having one of my own. But having to leave a dog alone at home all day in an apartment while I go to work just isn’t feasible, and not fair on the dog either. So maybe when I retire 🙂 .
    Hope your cutie brings you lots of joy, and to see more pics as he grows up!
    Have a great day,

    • Hi Kiki! Good to see your comment, I appreciate it 🙂 Don’t worry, pictures will be posted regularly 🙂

      He is adorable! And stubborn too haha!

      German shepherds are beautiful dogs, but indeed a bit intimidating. And a experience like that doesn’t help. It’s great that you challenged yourself and have an open approach towards dogs now. But you are right. Keeping a dog alone at home for a whole day isn’t great indeed. Dogs need company and need to be challenged. My girlfriend just graduated and is taking her time to raise Luvo. Once raised, she will go job-hunting, and Luvo will go to a day care a couple days per week, where he can play with other dogs.

      Have a great Sunday!

  2. So beautiful, so lovely and you did great. Welcome to Luvo, I loved so much, Blessing and Happiness to you ALL together. Thank you, love, nia

    • Hello Nia! Thank you for your lovely comment! We are quite happy with this little fella 🙂

      Have a wonderful day!

      Warm regards,

  3. Awww! Hi, Luvo! You’re so precious with your panda bear! (And, a side not to his daddy — it’s totally worth it. I’ve been a proud doggy-mommy for almost fourteen years now; and I’ve loved every minute.) 🙂

    • Hi!

      He love’s his panda! A really, what kind of dog do you have?! Are you doing training sessions with him/her too?
      It is great fun, and a lot of work to raise a puppy. But he’s doing great 🙂

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

      Have a wonderful Sunday


      • He’s a dachshund, and he’s 13 now. I tried to train him as a puppy, but he just pretty much does whatever he wants. 🙂

        • Ah, that is a nice age 🙂 Yeah, I can imagine that these little hunters do whatever they want. We are trying our best to raise a good dog, but just like yours, he is stubborn. Let’s see who wins, he or we 😉

          Have a wonderful day!

          Warm regards,

    • Hoi tante!

      Dank je! Hier kijkt hij nog rustig, maar zijn blik wordt steeds eigenwijzer. Hopelijk zien we jullie snel weer!


    • Hi!

      Thank you so much for stopping by! He has a cute face indeed. Hard to walk the streets, as people stop us all the time to pay him attention. I do understand that your daughter wants one, but what a work! Raising a puppy is a full time job! So, good luck with that 😉

      Have a great day!

      Warm regards,

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    • It does!! It took a while for us to take this step, but he’s one of my best friends now 😉

      Thank you for your comment!


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