Photo Fair 2016

This week I won’t be sharing any photos I worked hard on, and won’t share any good tips for you. This week I just share a few words from my diary. Last weekend I visited the Photo Fair, the largest photography event in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). I won some tickets in a photography contest by Saal Digital (which you might remember from my free photo album) so entrance was free. Besides the tickets, Saal Digital would use my pictures to display their products. Cheap photos for them, free prints for me!

My work

My work used to promote the products at the Saal Digital stand.

The first thing I always notice whenever I meet other photographers, is that they are (and I’ll whisper this) total nerds. White socks and sandals, vests with at least a thousand pockets, some sort of safari hats, pale, and obviously overweight. My girlfriend was with me that day, and she told me lout and clear that she would leave me if I ever look like that. Well, I wouldn’t blame her.  😉

But all joking aside, being at the Photo Fair was a lot of fun! I got to meet the organizer of the photo contest, a lady I had intensive contact with via e-mail. As I wrote in a blog a little while go, printed pictures look better than the ones on screen. They look even better when exposed at an exhibition!

My work

One of the shots I made during Amsterdam Sail displayed on canvas.

Besides viewing my own work I got to take a look at other great pictures. Visitors of the event could also participate in workshops, listen to seminars on photography and take pictures of many models and activities going on. To be honest, I don’t like taking pictures of models when the stage is completely set and hundreds of photographers are taking the same picture. I need to be in control in order to make in truly mine.

Shoot it!

Only a few of the many lined up photographers. If I see this many people taking a shot, I’ll turn around. I am done.

What I really liked is the Nikon stand. I got the chance to try out many lenses, a Nikon techy helped me calibrate my 70-200 f2.8 G II VR lens combined with my tele converter (TC 20 III), and I got to test the new Nikon D500. I wish I never touched that camera. The autofocus is so fast, and the buffer of burst mode is so big, it felt like shooting a automatic machine gun. Good god, now I want to spend over 2.000 euros to get one.


I received some cool tips at the Nikon stand.

There was even a stand for dog photography! Also, there were a lot of stores. Good thing I got to keep my wallet in my pocket, this event makes me want to buy buy buy.

Should I buy?

Should I buy it?

Thank you for reading!

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