Goodbye Scotland, my last stop is Glasgow!

Last night I arrived in Glasgow (a bit drunk). Today is my last day in Scotland, and the experience in the train the other day, was not my first happy encounter with the Scottish. Because I already had seen Edinburgh, I was curious to how Glasgow would look like. I checked which attractions to visit on forehand, and decided to walk the city, since I became an experienced walker this trip!


The Glasgow City Chambers.

Glasgow is very different from Edinburgh. There is even a little beef between these two cities. Edinburgh is more historic, and the people are considered a bit posh, whereas the people from Glasgow consider themselves the more friendly “working class”. A similar “battle” like we have in The Netherlands between Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


I haven’t seen gravity like this in Edinburgh.

Glasgow feels like a grey, colder city, Edinburgh is a bit more attractive to tourists. But Edinburgh feels like a smaller town, while Glasgow is a proper city.

The two most beautiful places of Glasgow are George Square (where you can find the Glasgow City Chambers) and the Necropolis. On my way towards the Necropolis, I saw a guy proposing to his girlfriend. A great moment to photograph, but because I had a wide angle lens attached to my camera, I needed to get very close to capture the moment. Since I did not want to disrupt their moment, I hesitated. This will costs you as a photographer, but I quickly decided to capture their hug. All the best to them!


She said yes to his proposal! They’re getting married!

After that happy moment, a new phase in their lives, I headed towards the place where life ends, The Necropolis.


The Necropolis.

We have some impressive graveyards in The Netherlands too, but not because of their ancient design, but because they are war memorials. But these Scottish graveyards are quite different!


Not your average graveyard.

After wandering the city in the morning, it was time to fly home. Here are my three reasons to visit Scotland:

  • The landscapes
  • The people
  • The Whisky

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  1. Hello Tieme,

    Good to hear you’ve been having such a great trip. I’ve also been to both Edinburgh and Glasgow and liked both very much, in different ways. Whereas you felt Glasgow to be a grey, colder city, though, for me it was exactly the other way round: we had fantastic weather in Glasgow, which makes the sandstone of the buildings appear much warmer; Edinburgh was quite dark-ish and rainy when we went, so it felt – may because of the surrounding city walls – oppressive. Edinburgh felt more touristy whereas Glasgow felt more lively.
    I would gladly visit both cities again, though – lots of history and beautiful places.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Hi Kiki,

      The trip was amazing! The Scots are fine people and the landscape is gorgeous.

      It is funny to see how much influence the weather apparently has. But yeah, Edinburgh has more tourists and Glasgow is more alive thanks to the locals. The people in Glasgow are a bit more “down to earth” if you know what I mean.

      Have a great week! And thank so much for leaving a message!


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