Goodbye Scotland, my last stop is Glasgow!

Last night I arrived in Glasgow (a bit drunk). Today is my last day in Scotland, and the experience in the train the other day, was not my first happy encounter with the Scottish. Because I already had seen Edinburgh, I was curious to how Glasgow would look like. I checked which attractions to visit on forehand,

Calton Hill, Edinburgh

I have been to Scotland and the first stop was Edinburgh

As you might have noticed, it has been a while since my last post. Although I have taken some pictures the past months, which I will share later, I simply couldn’t find the time, nor energy, to post my work. Luckily, there came an end to my lack of motivation, as I visited Scotland and got re-energized!

A series on Rotterdam – Market Hal/Markthal (Part 2)

The food market called “Markthal”, or translated for the non Dutch speakers, Market Hall is a great addition to Rotterdam, the ever growing city. This week I’ll share ten photos of this 40 meters high building with 4600 square meters shopping area, 1600 square meters of pubs and restaurants, and a garage providing parking spots for over a thousand cars. Today’s post, is the second and last

A series on Rotterdam – Market Hal/Markthal (Part 1)

This week I’ll continue the series on the Dutch city Rotterdam with one of the newest attraction: The Market Hall (or in Dutch “Markthal”). This enormous building, opened in 2014 by Queen Maxima, is home to many little food shops, varying from doughnuts to tapas, and from Chinese food to Surinamese food (Surinamese sandwiches are the best). A delicious place to visit, and

A series on Rotterdam – Erasmusbrug/Erasmus Bridge (Part 1)

With almost 620.000 residents, Rotterdam is the second largest city of The Netherlands. The port of Rotterdam has been the busiest port of the world since 1962, until it this “first place” was overtaken by Singapore in 2002, and later Shanghai. Unfortunately there aren’t many old buildings left in Rotterdam, due to the heavy bombing on May 14,

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