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Aspect ratio: What is it and why use it?

I have got a website update for you! Not many people dwell on the fact that something called “aspect ratio” affects the compositions they use in their photographs. Sure, on Instagam we all use the 1:1 ratio (until shortly), but what does this mean? I have written a page for you to explain what Aspect Ratio is and how

Flying White Stork

Update: How to use negative space

This series is coming to end with the final post, about negative space (and positive space). CLICK HERE TO READ! To conclude: In case you missed this series, here are the topics discussed: Composition rules Filling the frame Framing Lines and patterns Balancing elements Hope you learned something! Kind regards, Tieme

Bunker at the Atlantikwall

Update: Balancing elements in your photos

Almost coming to a conclusion of this series. This is the fifth post! Today I’ll discus how to create a balance in your photos, using formal and informal balancing! CLICK HERE TO READ! And in case you missed the previous: Composition rules Filling the frame Framing Lines and patterns

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