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A lot of  people start their photography hobby by buying a camera. At first, you might start out with a compact camera, but sooner or later, you decide to switch to a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera, or the DSLR. The DSLR gives the photographer much more control over the results of a picture. And with many different types of lenses available, you have endless creative possibilities.

Others get caught by the photography bug, because a close relative is into photography, and don’t start with a compact camera, but with a DSLR, or film camera.

Whatever your starting point is, knowing your gear is important. On the pages below you can find tips and tutorials on the camera and other equipment.

Camera & Equipment pages

Buying your first DSLR? Learn what to look for!

Buying your first DSLR

D3100 Back view

How does a DSLR work?

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